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Apparel: AWMA offers just the right mix of martial arts board shorts, Muay Thai shorts, rash guard shirts, Tae Kwon Do, Shotokan, Kenpo, Tang Soo Do, Isshinryu T-Shirts and sweatshirts, UFC apparel, ProForce® headbands, martial arts hats, footwear, online discount karate uniforms, custom silk screened t-shirts and uniforms, and more.

Boxing: Increase your boxing skills using our Gladiator® Boxing Gloves, Gladiator® speed bag, ProForce® Heavyweight Training Bags, Thunder® Head Gear, Martial Art Supplies, and other exercise equipment. Develop your kicking and punching techniques with our online wholesale martial arts weapons and single target trainer and our triple team target trainer that provides a "snap" sound on impact. Part of our "Wave of the Future" line. Also, you can always try our traditional high density foam shields.

Gear Bags: Sturdy, well-built ProForce® Ultra Bags with Taekwondo, Karate, Yin and Yang and Tang Soo Do logos and ProForce® Grande Bags with Taekwondo and Yin & Yang logos together with our ProForce® and Adidas® Tournament Bags and ProForce® sport bags will give you great storage space for your discount martial arts gear, sparring equipment and other martial arts weapons.

MMA: Get ready to train like a mixed martial artist using our high quality leather and canvas Gladiator® Kempo Gloves, ProForce® weighted grappling gloves and ProForce® Velocity® thigh guards. For competition or everyday training use our Gladiator® Cobra Gloves, Thunder® MMA shin guards, wristband gloves, other martial art supplies, and shin and instep pads which are made to our high standards.

Patches: AWMA® brings you the highest quality embroidered martial arts patches to choose from. Everything from Karate, Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, Kenpo, Yin and Yang, Hapkido, Tai Chi Chuan, Tang Soo Do, Nunchaku, Sai, Kama, Shotokan Tiger, Eagle, Dragon, Judo, Shorin-Ryu, Okinawan, Isshinryu, Jeet Kune Do, Kung Fu Swords, USA Flag and more! ALSO... we can make Custom Patches for your school, business, club or organization.

Sparring: AWMA® is the direct manufacturer and distributor of ProForce® karate sparring equipment, the premium quality sparring gear used by top martial artists worldwide. The innovative and dynamic ProForce® Velocity® foam sparring gear includes state of the art headguards, punches, kicks, chestguards and thighguards for maximum protection. Our outstanding selection for the practicing martial artist also includes Gladiator® sparring equipment, Lightning® sparring gear and Thunder® sparring supplies. All available in multiple colors and designed for high performance by ProForce®.

Training: Whether you are a yellow belt karate student or a black belt martial artist, you will develop speed and efficiency using our Thunder® Vinyl Boxing Gloves, ProForce® weighted gloves, ProForce® paddles, ProForce® targets and high density foam shields. The perfect equipment for training are the ProForce® paddles and the "Squeaky Thing", a focus karate target that responds with a squeaky sound when the target is hit.

Uniforms: AWMA® is the direct manufacturer of the ProForce® brand and distributor of over 100 martial arts uniforms for the beginner to the advanced black belt martial artist. Superior ProForce® karate gis & uniforms in 100% cotton or poly/cotton blend ranging from 5 oz. ultra lightweight karate gis to our extraordinary 14 oz. heavyweight karate uniforms are available in white, black, blue, red and demo team colors. Quality Thunder®, Gladiator® and ProForce® karate belts for the martial artists together with kung fu uniforms, ninja uniforms, Adidas® gis and Tokaido® karate uniforms are available at AWMA®. In addition to our ProForce® Gladiator ® jiu jitsu uniforms, AWMA® also carries Mizuno®, Fuji, Hayabusa and Adidas®.

Weapons: Our martial arts store has a huge selection of outstanding karate weapons and discount karate gear with over 70 Nunchakus, 130 Samurai Swords, 74 Rattan and Hardwood Bo Staffs, 27 Sais and 28 Kamas in our extensive inventory of karate supplies for you to use in practicing and developing techniques. Build your collection of martial arts weapons with our amazing supply of over 160 wooden swords, steel swords, tonfas, daitos, shotos, tantos and more.