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Buy MMA Rashguards & Apparel

AWMA is the #1 place to buy mma shorts and apparel. We offer mma grappling shorts and rashguards from the industry's leading brands including Gladiator, ProForce, Sprawl and UFC. Before you begin training, or before you step into the Octagon, make sure you buy grappling shorts from AWMA.

Board Shorts

MMA board shorts allow for more range of motion, particularly when a fighter kicks and strikes his or her opponent. People who train mma can show their support for the sport by wearing their board shorts outside of the ring and the gym. They are also one of the designated fight shorts for the UFC. Board shorts are increasing in popularity among the mma community due to their durability and versatility. If you want to fight or train in style, buy mma board shorts from AWMA today.

Sprawl Stretch Shorts

MMA fans and fighters can thank Sprawl for being one of the first fight shorts company to introduce stretch fighting shorts. The stretch shorts are designed to secure and protect the body, while at the same time, allowing unrestricted body movement. The stretch fighter shorts are also comfortable, especially during sparring or training sessions where a fighter performs such repetitive movements as kicking, striking and grappling. If you want to buy Sprawl stretch shorts, please feel free to view our selection.


The rashguard has become one of the many staples in no-gi and gi grappling. There are many benefits the rashguard offers, particularly when grapplers are rolling, sparring, or training. One of the most obvious benefits is in the name, "rashguard." Rashguards cut down on the spread of disease and bacteria. When rolling around, the gi can open up, leaving the chest bare, which increases the chance of bacteria exchange. This is why wearing a rashguard can prevent outbreak between grapplers. Several studies have shown that rashguards prevent injuries and speed up injury recovery time due to the compression placed onto the muscles. Rashguards also prevent mat burn. When grapplers roll, no-gi, their skin comes into contact with a BJJ mat, which can cause friction or mat burn. Wearing a rashguard can prevent skin damage by diverting the amount of mat burn from friction.