Adidas® 8 oz. TKD Grandmaster Uniform w/Stripes (Elastic Drawstring)

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Key Features
  • 55% cotton/45% polyester.
  • Special anti-bacterial and deoderization function called "E-Bion".
  • Elastic drawstring waist pants.
  • Officially approved by the World Taekwondo Federation.
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About This Item

An exclusive top quality uniform officially approved by the World Taekwondo Federation for black belts, experts, masters and grand masters. Manufactured from a 55% cotton/45% polyester, spun yarn woven dobby fabric with embossed and overprinted "adidas" logo. This fabric features a special anti-bacterial and deoderization function called "e-bion." Stitched nine times in the cuffs and hem of pants as well as six times in the collar. Three stripes on shoulder and pants is an awesome additional feature. Elastic drawstring waist pants.

This uniform is officially approved by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF).
Adidas® Universal TKD Uniform Sizing Chart

Size Height Weight
000 3'1" - 4'-0" 40-60 lbs.
00 4'1" - 4'-4" 60-85 lbs.
0 4'5" - 4'-8" 85-100 lbs.
1 4'9" - 5' 100-125 lbs.
2 5'1" - 5'4" 125-150 lbs.
3 5'5" - 5'8" 150-185 lbs.
4 5'9" - 6' 185-210 lbs.
5 6'1" - 6'4" 210-250 lbs.
6 6'5" - 6'8" 250-280 lbs.
7 6'9" - 7' 280-325 lbs.
* Note: Uniforms may or may not come in every size.
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