Kenpo Karate 401 - Form Four

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  • Book.
  • Lee Wedlake.
  • Softcover.
  • 66 pages.
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About This Item

Kenpo Karate 401- Form Four is an in-depth examination of Ed Parker's "meat of the system" form. This form is normally taught at the skilled or expert level and is considered to be black belt material. It is a popular competition form.

About the Author

This book is the fifth of Professor Lee Wedlake's books on American Kenpo. He is uniquely qualified to write this book, as he was the first-ever Parker Kenpo stylist to make the National Top Ten in men's black belt form competition and studied directly with Ed Parker and some of his top students.

A footwork notation system is defined and utilized within to assist the reader in determining footwork angles. Numerous photographs of the techniques are included, both solo and with an opponent to illustrate applications. Detailed descriptions of the techniques, an overview, sequence list, discussion of themes, and rarely seen documentation are all here for the experienced student of the Parker system.

Lee Wedlake's books include Kenpo Karate 101, which has become a text for a university level class; Further Insights into Kenpo, a collection of his magazine articles; Kenpo Karate 201 and Kenpo Karate 301, his texts on the beginner and intermediate forms. Thousands have been acquired by serious practitioners of the Kenpo system.

by Lee Wedlake. Softcover. 66 pages.
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