ProForce® Velocity Shin Guard - Red

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Key Features
  • Sleek finish allows you to wear underneath karate pants.
  • Vents on the side help channel perspiration away.
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About This Item

This unique looking shin guard not only offers the protection you need but has these added features. The sleek, smooth front and side finish allows you to wear underneath karate pants without them getting caught. The vents on the side help channel perspiration away and the inner crescent shape cutout allows room for your inner calf muscle and does not rub with the other leg when moving back and forth. It's ergonomic design gives you protection and comfort where you need it.

- Child: 10" long.
- Small: 11" long.
- Medium: 12" long.
- Large: 13-1/2" long.
- X-Large: 15" long.
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About ProForce® Velocity

Look closely and you'll notice that ProForce® Velocity sparring gear is truly exceptional. "Fast, functional, comfortable, and safe" are words that are often used to describe this innovative product line. Each product has been completely rethought with the Martial Artist in mind. As a result, these products are easier to get on and off, keep you cooler when sparring and offer more flexibility and protection than other foam dipped sparring gear. When you purchase ProForce® Velocity sparring gear, you get the future of the martial arts... now!