Kenpo Karate 501

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Kenpo Karate 501- Form Five discusses and illustrates an expert level form in the Ed Parker system named Form Five. This form also goes by other names such as the "surprise", "fulcrum" or "takedown" form. Ed Parker's genius was again applied in this misunderstood and often maligned form. Many of the form techniques are done to teach the practitioner how to react from disadvantaged positions in addition to the variety of takedown principles shown.

This upper-level form is not often chosen as a competition form and it is not as long as the forms both immediately before and after it in the learning sequence. However, it has a wealth of information stored in it and a seasoned practitioner will appreciate the form long after having initially learned it. This book is intended to enhance that appreciation.

Lee Wedlake is a long-time practitioner of the martial arts and a first generation student of Ed Parker, "The Father of American Karate". Wedlake himself is known for his tournament record, seminars, magazine articles, and series of books on Kenpo. His books include Kenpo Karate 101, Further Insights into Kenpo, Kenpo Karate 201, Kenpo Karate 301, and Kenpo Karate 401. The numbered titles reflect the progression of university courses, from the introductory level to master's degree.

Wedlake's seminar schedule has taken him across the United States, throughout Europe, and down to Australia. As one of the senior instructors of the Parker system, he is known as one of the foremost authorities on the system, and is in demand as an instructor.
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