Mastering The Samurai Sword

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About This Item

Master the ancient art of the samurai sword with this straightforward guide to technique and practice.

An enduring legacy of Japan's fearsome samurai warriors, the samurai sword is used even today in the martial arts iai-jutsu and ken-jutsu.

This indispensable guide is the perfect introduction to using the samurai sword, not only covering its history, evolution, and philosophy, but also providing practical guidance for mastering the samurai sword.

Features full-color, step-by-step photographs detailing:

- Drawing the samurai sword
- Guard positions
- Cutting blows
- Blocking
- Falling and rolling techniques
- Evasive strategies
- Standing forms
- Kneeling forms

Also included is an instructional DVD showing each of the moves discussed in the book to help you perfect your technique.

Beginners will learn everything from proper attire and behavior in the dojo to how they might practice at home, while more experienced samurai swords people will find a new appreciation for the deeper meaning and tradition behind the graceful way of the sword.

Cary Nemeroff has earned 10th degree black belts in a variety of martial arts, including iai-jitsu and ken-jitsu, the subjects of this book. He conducts an extensive program of martial arts classes for adults and children-including specialized classes for children with physical and cognitive challenges such as autism-at the JCC of Manhattan, a state-of-the-art fitness and cultural facility. He has earned a BA in philosophy from New York University as well as an MA in education from Teachers College, Columbia University.
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