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Key Features
  • While wearing the TapouT Mouthguard the Temporomandibular Joint, (TMJ) fills with fluid as a natural lubricant and shock absorber.
  • Advanced Gel Technology assures extreme comfort and fit.
  • Top and bottom jaw stabilization technology.
  • 2 mouthguards.
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About This Item

While wearing the TapouT Mouthguard, the Temporomandibular Joint, (TMJ) fills with fluid as a natural lubricant and shock absorber. The TapouT Mouthguard properly positions your TMJ during stress related activities, so the combination of natural fluids and our Concussion Defense System gives you Anti-Concussion protection.

Each TapouT Mouthguard comes with a $30,000 dental warranty = one of the best warranties in the business! The TapouT Mouthguard warranty is twice as much as any other mouthguard on the market. Giving every coach, parent and athlete an extra sense of security and piece of mind that they are using excellent protection.

The Tapout Mouth Guard features:
- Advanced Gel Technology assures extreme comfort and fit.
- Air flow channels create maximum breath-ability for superior endurance and performance.
- Top and bottom jaw stabilization technology.
- Includes 2 mouthguards.

Boxing and Martial Arts are contact sports. Users of this equipment are subject to personal injury. These products have a degree of protection but are not warranted to protect the user from injury. Wearing a mouth guard is always recommended when participating in any athletic activity.
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TapouT is an American business enterprise specializing in producing clothing and miscellaneous gear targeted at the mixed martial arts community, as well as a magazine devoted to mixed martial arts fighting (formerly Bodyguard magazine). Charles Lewis, Jr. (also known as "Mask") and Dan Caldwell (also known as "Punkass") founded the company in 1997 in San Bernardino, California. The company is currently based in Grand Terrace. From a gross of $30,000 in 1999, Tapout's earnings rose to $100 million in 2008. The company has a worldwide network of licensed retailers, including Dillard's, Champs and Spencer Gifts.