The Ninja Way

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  • The Ninja Way" is about four Korean American siblings struggling with the realities of growing up in America. Trained by their grandfather in the martial arts, each kid has their own special identity which they are forced to keep secret.
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An action-packed dramedy, "The Ninja Way" is about four Korean American siblings struggling with the realities of growing up in America. Trained from an early age by their grandfather (Grandmaster and world renowned Martial Arts Expert Sung Woo Kahm) in the martial arts, the "Ninja Kids", hotheaded Hwa (Harrisen), comical Chun (Josh Hunt), girlish Soo (Jennifer Warren), and bumbling little Gi (Brian Vanheemst) just want to do the right thing in a world that seems full of people doing wrong. Immersed in the Ninja Way, each kid has their own special Ninja identity which they are forced to keep secret. Their Ninja training has endowed the Ninja Kids with incredible skills, but they are forbidden by their parents and grandfather to allow anyone outside the family to catch on to the fact these four kids are anything but ordinary! Taking advantage of their father's absence, Hwa, Chun, Soo, and Gi decide to defy their mother and grandfather. They sneak away from home to mete out some justice or so they think, because nothing goes as planned! Surprises lie in store around every corner as the Ninja Kids get involved in busting some local criminals. Pulse Motion Pictures and Sung Woo Kahm have created a wonderful independent film that is alternately hilarious and heart wrenching, with a lot to say about family values. With an authentic cast the film remains true to its principles, providing entertainment as well as an intimate look at the Korean-American experience. There's the right way, there's the wrong way and then there's "The Ninja Way!"
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