Ti Ji Nae Bu - Ancient Military Yoga

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Key Features
  • Ti Ji Nae Bu is a set of nine traditional military Yoga forms from the Tang Dynasty in China.
  • Learn the basics of this ancient military form with this book.
  • By Grand Master D A Giacobbe: one of the few Martial Artists in the world who knows these f.
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About This Item

Ti Ji Nae Bu, is a set of nine traditional military Yoga forms from the Tang Dynasty in China. They were created to aid the military solder who was in battle. There are many benefits from practicing these ancient forms.

Here are the main Benefits from practicing Ti Ji Nae Bu Forms:

1) The most important reason for creating these forms was to reduce stress. When a solder is in battle they have a constant fear of being killed. This is the highest stress a human can have. Most solders in battle also have difficulty of sleeping. The practice of these forms will eliminate stress and aid in healthy sleep.

2) Another important reason is to increase the body's internal Chi energy. When a human's chi is depleted they become weak and there is a loss of energy. A solder in battle must be strong and maintain energy to be victorious.

3) These forms will open the chi energy meridians and aid in healing injuries in the body. When the ancient solder was in hand to hand combat they sustained injuries these forms aid in the healing of injuries to the body.

4) These forms will also keep the solder in martial arts condition both physically and mentally. Ancient solders were all experts in martial arts, by doing these forms the solder would maintain his martial abilities.

The Ti Ji Nae Bu forms are designed to be done in a small area, because most solders while in the battle fields had small sleeping quarters so the forms can be practiced in a small area. Practicing these forms will increase your balance and strength. They will keep your body flexible and strong for combat.

Grand Master D A Giacobbe is one of the few Martial Artists in the world who knows these forms.
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