Knife Defense: Traditional Techniques

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Key Features
  • Teaches techniques designed to defend against dagger attacks.
  • Learn to use items at hand for defense.
  • Understand angling, and intercepting an attack.
  • Over 30 traditional techniques are presented in detail.
  • 220 minutes.
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About This Item

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming teaches techniques designed to defend against dagger attacks, which include the four essential categories of traditional martial arts training: punching, kicking, chin na, and wrestling.

It is important to be aware that knife fighting is deadly and can often lead to serious consequences, including time in prison. If you are attacked with a knife, the best option is to keep your distance and attempt to escape. Even with expert training, there is a high risk of sustaining an injury during a knife attack.

Dr. Yang instructs and demonstrates knife defense techniques. He also provides corrections for common mistakes as students perform each application. Special attention is given to key defensive concepts.

-Learn to use items at hand for defense -Learn how to maintain distance from an attacker.
-Understand angling, and intercepting an attack -Develop strategies for successful escapes.
-Numerous distance, angling, and intercepting training drills are taught.
-Over 30 traditional techniques are presented in detail It is crucial to train the skills of intercepting often and with many training partners, for it to be effective as a defense.

Extensive training of these defense applications can significantly help you avoid knife injuries if you are attacked outside of a controlled training environment.

Violent encounters are on the rise around the world, and statistics show that someone is maimed or killed by a knife every five minutes. Your best defense is awareness and then avoidance.

Package Design by Axie Breen. Photos by Jonathan Chang. 220 minutes.
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