Staying in the Moment: A Practical Guide to Women's Self-Defense

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Key Features
  • Women's self defense.
  • Meditation.
  • Principles and techniques.
  • 57 pages.
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About This Item

The world is changing every day. It's not the relaxed, safe place we once knew. These days, it is wise to understand your surroundings, have better awareness and be able to defend yourself if needed. Those who say, "It always happens to someone else, never me!" may regret those words if and when a tragedy strikes. Having the confidence to face our new culture is important for a happy and healthy life.

The book includes:
- Effective self-defense techniques explained in simple terms.
- Easy to follow pictures to help you practice at home.
- Practical tips that can keep you out of trouble.
- Identification of vital targets and pressure points to maximize effectiveness.

Master Mike Andrus has learned and developed effective techniques from many years of training in multiple styles of martial arts. For this book he has selected the most effective practical self-defense techniques for women to use against an attacker who may be bigger and stronger. His book, seminars and workshops teach self-defense for individuals and their families. The training includes practical techniques designed to properly defend against attackers in a home or car invasion and other scenarios related to real-world violence. His street-proven self-defense techniques also include awareness drills and tips to keep you out of trouble. The concept of "staying in the moment" came about from his research of how women generally respond to danger events and why. By understanding the reactions, Mr. Mike was able to design his program to educate women and help them change the way they respond to external encounters. The result is that by using his principles, women are more confident and more aware of their surroundings and can respond properly by "staying in the moment" to resolve the conflict. The training involves some meditation, awareness drills, education, self-defense and "the element of surprise" techniques, as well as discussion about applying what you learn. Being able to apply what you learn is KEY! The results have been amazing. We are finding that these principles and techniques can be used successfully in every area of life. The result could be the difference between life and death! What is interesting is that 'staying in the moment' is not always about conflict resolution. By doing things with intent you can change the moment, the rest of your day, or the rest of your life! 57 pages.
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