ProForce® Lightning Sparring Gloves / Punches - Red

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ProForce® Lightning Sparring Gloves / Punches - Red

- 1/2" thick vinyl covered foam offers protection for sparring over entire fist and wrist.
- Protection extends to cover part of forearm as well.
- Cutouts around forearm provide for better hand mobility.
- Double layered padding at knuckles for increased protection.
- Palm has reinforced vinyl strap to keep gloves secure.
- Open palm style allows for grappling.
- Finger slots keep glove in place as fist is made.
- Fastens with elastic strap that secures with hook and loop...
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  Level 1 Gauntlet

By Will - KaJuKenBo from Barrigada, Guam on 7/6/2011
Pros: This is a very capable glove - which is why many use it. Relatively cheap.
Cons: No bells and whistles, so to speak. Common.
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Describe Yourself: Everyday Martial Artist
Age: 18-24
Gender: Male

Oh, Red ProForce Lightnings, how famed you are throughout the land. This exact brand, model, and color SEEMS to be the standard... at every place I've been to, anyway. This glove is what many schools recommend and/or sell, and these punches will probably be the loaner gloves you'll use while "doing Karate at the 'Y.'" This glove seems to be everywhere - and for good reason, too - It's a DECENT GLOVE! They're easy to clean, they come in just about every color you can dip foam in, and they're relatively low-priced. I've used them, my six year old uses them - They're great. I actually prefer the firmness of these gloves to some of the more expensive punches out there. Although the Lightnings are very functional punches, there's no comparative bells and whistles to speak of, they're relatively unsexy, and the new guy probably has the same ones you do. -But who cares about that, right? They're cheap and THEY WORK.