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Karate & Martial Arts Belt Displays

The hard work and discipline involved in martial arts and karate are always rewarded, usually with belts and class advancement.

The levels, traditionally, are as follows:

  • White: the very beginning, or birth, of the martial arts process
  • Yellow: a yellow belt is given to a student who is opening his/her mind to the instructor—the yellow typically represents the first rays of the sun
  • Orange: the growing power of the sun is represented, and represents further mind-opening on the part of the student
  • Green: the growth of a seed, as a student refines his/her techniques
  • Blue: the blue of the sky, as the plant begins to grow upward—the student is continually fed more difficult techniques and disciplines to nurture that growth
  • Purple: the changing of the sky to dawn, representing a student who is beginning another drastic transition toward the understanding of the black belt
  • Brown: the seed has matured, and is ready for harvest. Just as the seed is cultivated, the student will begin to cultivate the benefits of their hard work
  • Red: the color of the sun as it sets, representing the student’s hard work and nearness to total mastery
  • Black: the highest achievable belt, which signifies total maturity and transformation from the white belt

Hard work, and achieving each belt level, should be proudly displayed. Shop through our martial arts belt racks to find the perfect display, and let your belts tell the story of your transformation.

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