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Face Covers

You can find a variety of protective face masks for sale at AWMA®. Wearing one of these high-quality masks may protect you from airborne illnesses. By covering the nose and mouth, face covers can greatly reduce your risk of infection and prevent the transmission of viruses from person to person. They are designed to block respiratory droplets, bacteria, and other infectious particles from entering the body. This is especially important when traveling through a crowded area where it may be difficult to remain a safe distance from other people.

Wearing a protective face covering may also keep you safe when practicing martial arts. If you’re training in a gym or dojo with multiple people around, a face cover provides an extra layer of protection against germs, bacteria, and other contaminants. It’s an essential item for making your martial arts training routine safer and more hygienic.

There are several types of covers to choose from. These include 3-layer disposable non-surgical face covers you can wear once and throw away after using. Available in packs of 50 pieces, they’re great for stocking up on lightweight, easy-to-use face protection. There are also KN95 6-layer face covers which offer a larger area of protection and Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 95%. Other options include the Tultex cloth tie-on face cover and the Bella ear-loop face cover, so everyone can find one that’s comfortable and effective for them.

AWMA® has masks in-stock and ready-to-ship from our Philadelphia warehouse. Browse our selection and order yours today!

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