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Pair your uniform with our selection of martial arts footwear in black, red, or white colors. Martial arts shoes aid in delivering the speed, flexibility, and force that’s needed when practicing or competing in various disciplines. For wearers who are looking for maximum results while offering a lightweight feature, there are options like the ProForce Ultra Lite shoes. There’s also indoor shoes for those who practice disciplines like sparring that can sometimes be done barefoot. These shoes protect the feet while supporting the whole body during movements. Choose from footwear of cotton, leather, neoprene, and synthetic materials with designs that offer the perfect amount of protection and ventilation. AWMA carries quality martial arts footwear from brands like Gladiator, Hy-Gens, ProForce, and Velocity. Receive free shipping on U.S. retail orders over $50 (some exclusions may apply).

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