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AWMA is proud to partner with several of the most respected brands and organizations in the martial arts industry. We invite you to visit our affiliates at the links below for information on products, tournaments, events, training, and more. These include:


  • ProForce Martials Arts: Uniforms, belts, gloves, training equipment, apparel, accessories, and more for karate, boxing, MMA, and other martial arts disciplines.
  • Fight2Win: Known as “The Biggest Party in Grappling,” Fight2Win promotes the growth of Brazilian jiu-jitsu throughout the United States with exciting events and tournaments.
  • New York Traditional Karate League: Non-profit organization that standardizes karate tournaments in the New York metropolitan area and provides youth scholarships.
  • The Dojo Doctors: Helps owners of martial arts schools grow their businesses and gain members with proven methods, time-tested educational tools, and more.


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