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MMA Gloves

AWMA® offers a wide variety of mma gloves to buy, featuring top name brands as ProForce® and UFC® official fighting gloves. Before you train, or step into the ring, make sure you buy ProForce® gear from AWMA®!

History of MMA Gloves

You may notice fighters in the UFC® today wearing protective gloves, but they have not always been a part of the popular sport. Mixed-martial-arts gloves did not become a part of the sport until the early 90s, when regulations began to change. Because the skills of each competitor began to rise, it was put into place to have the competition guidelines to change as well. The UFC® was one of the first organizations to require their fighters to wear protective mma gloves.

How MMA Gloves Are Used

There are many styles of gloves that are used for training and competition. Certain guidelines determine the style, size, weight, and padding thickness of the gloves used during the sport. As a trainer, trainee, or competitor, you may be interested in a few types of gloves which we feature on our website including:

Competition Style Gloves

These gloves meet the strict requirements for competition. Due to the light weight and decreased padding thickness of the gloves, they should not be used for sparring.

Sparring Style Gloves

These gloves are specifically designed for protection during training and practice bouts. MMA fighters use these gloves during practice because there is little to no chance of injuring their hands, which is crucial before a fight.

Hybrid Style Gloves

These gloves can be used for both categories listed above. If you are serious about the sport of mixed-martial arts, it is wise to purchase a pair of each.

If you are seriously looking to buy MMA equipment for training, sparring, or for competition, please feel free to browse through our website. You can also visit our store today and speak with professionals who are dedicated to the sport and who will inform you about the right products to buy.

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