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MMA Apparel

Buy MMA Shorts from AWMA® today!

AWMA® is the leading online retailer for finding the right mma grappling shorts. Whether you are new to the sport, or an experienced mma athlete, we have equipment that can take your game to the next level. One thing that fighters need to take their game to the next level are shorts. The mma uniform has evolved so much over the past 20 years. Today, grappling shorts have become the common uniform for fighters to wear while sparring, training, and competiting. Buy your mma shorts today!

When UFC® took the sport of mma mainstream, fighters were allowed to wear anything they wanted. Because the UFC® was filled with athletes from different backgrounds, fans witnessed many different uniforms. Jiu-jitsu legend, Royce Gracie, wore a gi when he competed; and brawler, Tank Abbot, wore whatever he wore to the bar the night before. As the sport evolved, grappling shorts become one of the basic pieces of apparel when competing.

UFC® regulations require fighters to wear different types of mma shorts including: board shorts, vale tudo shorts, compression shorts and even kick-boxing shorts. Fighters wear different shorts, based on the type of fighting done.

Vale Tudo Shorts

Vale Tudo shorts are snug-fit, made from a compression-like material. These help keep muscles safe and prevent injuries from taking place.

Kick-Boxing Shorts

Kick-boxing shorts look and feel like traditional shorts worn by boxers. They leave a slit open on each side, to allow for more mobility when striking the opponent. These are lightweight, loose-fitting and easier to move around in.

Board Shorts

Board shorts also allow for more mobility and have become increasingly popular amongst fighters in mma communities around the world. Fighters can wear them during training, sparring, and fighting, as well as activities performed away from the gym, such as running, swimming and surfing.

Along with various mma shorts, customers can also buy mma rashguards on our website. Before hitting the mat, make sure you have the proper shorts and equipment needed to be successful in your journey to becoming a mixed-martial artist.

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