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Sparring is an impact sport that requires discipline, training, and proper equipment—this includes gloves, chest/body protection, helmets, footgear, mouthguards, and more. Asian World of Martial Arts has the ideal selection of ProForce® sparring equipment, encompassing all types of body protection. AWMA® is the direct manufacturer and distributor of ProForce® karate sparring equipment, the premium quality sparring gear used by top martial artists worldwide. We associate ourselves with the ProForce® brand because of its high-quality, high-performance design and durability. ProForce® is worn by champions, and used for training purposes all over the world. Protect your hands, head, chest, and other important areas while you master the art of sparring, and enjoy every moment of your training experience. Find the perfect pieces of ProForce® sparring gear, available in a variety of colors! Asian World of Martial Arts focuses on supplying gear for all types of martial arts, including the mastery and practice of sparring. Designed for high performance, you can find our karate sparring gear at dojos across the USA and around the world—the AWMA name is trusted in martial arts supply, as well as providing training materials for all types of disciplines. We also ally ourselves with the Thunder® name, another manufacturer of quality sparring gear, including gear for both women and men. The innovative Thunder® line of foam sparring gear includes state of the art head guards, punches, kicks, chest guards, and thigh guards for maximum protection. Shop through our Thunder® offerings to find a variety of colors and types of gear, all of which are guaranteed to suit your sparring training needs. We also offer Gladiator® sparring equipment, Lightning® sparring gear, Taekwondo sparring gear, and Thunder® sparring supplies. Most sparring gear is available in multiple colors and designed for high performance. Shop through our offerings to find more pieces for martial arts training and practice, and contact us with any inquiry.

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