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Martial Arts Weapons

Our martial arts store has a huge selection of outstanding karate weapons with over 70 Nunchakus available in a variety of sizes and material construction, 130 Samurai Swords in an assortment of handle styles and sizes, 74 Rattan and Hardwood Bo Staffs in an array of sizes finishes, and 27 Sais and 28 Kamas in our extensive inventory of karate supplies for you to use in practicing and developing techniques. Build your collection of martial arts weapons with our amazing supply of over 160 wooden swords, steel swords, tonfas, daitos, shotos, tantos and more. We also offer a wide variety of martial arts weapons accessories such as target boards, sword cleaning kits, and weapon repair kits. Display your sword or bo staff collection using one of our unique display stands, available in both wall and floor stand styles and designed for single or multiple martial arts weapons display.

Choose from our top of the line martial arts weapons of Japanese Samurai Swords, Chinese Broadswords, handforged Katanas and ninjitsu kung fu throwing stars with shuriken carrying cases to become the ultimate collector of martial arts supplies.

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