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Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art that requires patience, time, and energy to grow in and understand. The Kung Fu martial art is primarily unarmed, and may slightly resemble karate. Originally, Kung Fu referred to mastering the body through rigorous training—be it physical fitness, mental clarity, or learning to perfect an individual’s skill. Kung Fu can also be used more colloquially to refer to a mastery of something; like cooking, fitness, art, etc. To have “Kung Fu” means an individual is particularly skilled in an area.

Kung Fu as a martial art encompasses total mastery of skill through fitness and patience. To practice and master Kung Fu as a martial art, it is critical to have a quality Kung Fu uniform. AWMA® provides a variety of Kung Fu uniforms in different sizes and colors, as well as options for both adults and children. Contact us to learn more about our Kung Fu, and other martial arts offerings. We are proud to help start individuals on the road to mastery, or provide gear replacements for those already working in the martial arts. Find all of your Kung Fu gear here!

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