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The kama was originally created as a farming tool in Japan and Southeast Asia and, for centuries, was used to cut grass, rice, and sugar cane. In Japan, this farming tool came to be known as a poor man’s weapon, and was the first to be used by the Okinawans after their weapons were confiscated by nobles during the Shogunate era.

This martial arts weapon resembles a smaller scythe, with a half-moon shaped blade that is blunt on the outside but razor sharp on the inside. The blade should be the heaviest part of the weapon. The kama’s shaft tapers toward the butt end, increasing in thickness. This weapon is used as a matched pair, one in each hand.

AWMA offers competition and tournament kama styles, but also versions suitable for demonstrations, training, or beginner use.  Our competition kamas are constructed of natural hardwood with 10-inch handles, a thong wrist cord, and 7-inch unsharpened, vented-steel blades.

Our tournament styles offer a perfectly balanced, quality wood construction with holographic coverings and vivid colors to enhance your performance. Also, check out the ultimate in demonstration style kamas, the hand-crafted G-Force Predator series, designed by weapons expert Joey Greenhalgh, and featuring 14-inch handles, with light wood and aluminum construction and holographic tape that adds intensity and flash to your presentations.

For practice mode, training, or for beginners’ use, AWMA offers a line of foam rubber or lightweight, durable plastic kama options.

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