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Ninja & Ninjutsu Equipment

Historically, ninjutsu has been a secretive Japanese practice, which implemented the use of unique weapons and movements, as well as a specialized way of thinking, used for espionage. Those who practiced ninjutsu are known as ninjas, or shinobis. Because of its secretive practices, there are only theories about the ninjutsu’s beginnings. One theory traces the roots of the secretive martial art to a sect of assassins during the Chinese Tang dynasty, but it was the Korean sulsa assassins who might have influenced the ascent of the ninja.

Ninja equipment focuses on the use of silence and stealth, and AWMA offers quality ninja weapons and gear for practicing ninjas and collectors alike. Our laced Ninja Ashiko foot spikes allow for a secure fit, with black steel spikes that aid in climbing walls, trees, and other obstacles. Pair them with our Ninja Shuko Hand Claws for greater climbing potential. Add a collapsible, 4-pronged Ninja Grappling Hook to scale walls or swing from one location to another securely.

Carry stars, throwing knives, and other smaller weapons in our durable, high-quality Ninja Utility Belt. Our Ninja Spike Set comes with a nylon pouch that wraps around the leg or arm to hold three 6-inch black steel throwing spikes. Or, add a beautiful authentic reproduction of a ninja sword to your collection. Our Ninja Sword with Dragon has a unique dragon etching on the top half of the blade, and comes with a lacquered scabbard. It is a must-have for any ninja enthusiast.

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