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Ninja & Throwing Stars

Few martial arts weapons offer the same stealth as the Ninja or Throwing Star, also known as Shuriken. This small weapon can easily fit in the palm of the hand, and has anywhere from 3 to 8 sharp points. Those who are masters of their use have excellent hand-eye coordination, making throwing stars a perfect weapon of choice for ninjas.

The popularity of throwing stars means they are of interest not only to aspiring martial artists, but also to those who collect martial arts weapons. AWMA offers a selection of ninja stars for all levels of interest and price ranges, including quality soft foam rubber stars for practice and training purposes, and a wide array of styles available in black or chrome metal finishes.

Collectors will be inspired by our 4½-inch Blade Dragon’s Fury Star, constructed of 440 stainless steel, allowing for a better edge retention. Or consider our Black Bat Star, featuring a customized bat shape with sharpened wings and a black carrying pouch.

We also offer a rubber suction cup ninja star, which makes a great gift for young ninjas, or the martial artist who is training to improve accuracy. It sticks to a variety of surfaces, yet doesn’t require the same safety precautions needed with metal versions.

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