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Tonfas / Tong Fa / Tuifa

Like other martial arts weapons, the origins of the tonfa are debated among scholars and historians. Many believe it was first used in China, while others point to Thailand and Indonesia as the first people to use this melee—or hand-to-hand combat—weapon. Others say the tonfa is a traditional Okinawan fighting weapon. The tonfa, like the samurai sword, is commonly seen in popular culture media from video games to comics and movies.

Tonfas are used in martial arts for blocking and striking, and are wielded in pairs. Although it is simple in its construction and appearance, the tonfa is an effective offensive and defensive weapon capable of taking down an opponent if it is being used by an experienced fighter.

AWMA has a selection that includes both practice level and competitive level tonfas for sale, available in high quality white ash, hardwood, or durable polycarbonate construction. The tonfa is sold in pairs. As with our other martial arts weaponry, we offer a foam-covered tonfa that can be used to practice techniques and increase accuracy skills. If you are looking for a shatterproof option, consider the Proforce 35-inch Black Polyproplene Tonfa, which is 23½ inches long and will last a lifetime.

Our company has been serving the martial arts community for 45 years, providing high-quality samurai swords for sale, as well as tonfas, sais, ninja equipment, and other martial arts supplies. Our products are also sought by collectors, who buy not only buy samurai swords, but our display stands and other martial arts weaponry.

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