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2" Belts

Our 2 inch Karate belts are great for those martial artists who like to see their achievement and rank in wide, bold colors. Our fantastic vibrant, quality colors will catch the eye. With this wider size belt, color combinations, Power Stripes, Achievement Star Patches, and Karate Pins will appear bigger and brighter than ever. Our ProForce Midnight Blue belt, Embroidered Satin Black belt, and Satin Black with Red Stripe are great examples of how our 2” Karate belts will set you apart from the rest.

Our Power Stripes with Phrases are available with even more options. With these wider belts, there are several more inspirational phrases to communicate just what you want to say and remember. Because many people throughout time have been driven to great heights of achievement by daily reminders of inspiration communicated through simple phrases, these Power Stripes just might prove highly valuable to your art..

Our wider belts are a great and bold way to show that there’s no mistaking your rank and color. After all, you’ve worked very hard. You deserve to let the world know that you are a true Martial artist who is highly skilled and proud of it.

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