Belt Displays Buying Guide

Belts are symbols of achievement and knowledge for martial artists across many disciplines. From tae kwon do to karate, judo, and beyond, martial artists take pride in their accomplishments, with belts serving as a visual reminder of all the skills and techniques they've mastered. With AWMA' beautifully designed displays, you can incorporate the visual symbols of your achievements into your home's decor or provide a respectful means of storing the belts you earn. These belt displays are conceptually similar to the trophy cases an athlete outside of martial arts might use to show off his or her accomplishments in their sport, providing an attractive and safe means of storage for regular viewing.

Choosing the Right Display Format: Wall-Mounted or Freestanding

There are two primary formats for belt displays. Wall-mounted displays come with hanging hardware or screw holes that allow the user to affix their belts to the wall in an organized rack. This display type is usually somewhat flat and allows the viewer to see the front and sides of the belt. Freestanding displays have stable feet or pedestal bases that provide support for presentation on a flat surface such as a mantelpiece, tabletop, or floor. These displays may come in rectangular or circular shapes that allow the viewer to see a 360-degree view of the belts. Some freestanding displays have a similar flat display structure as wall-mounted options, but these freestanding designs feature a pedestal base and also allow viewing of the back of the display. Format choice is a matter of personal preference, so choose what works best for your home's space and aesthetic needs. Regardless of the format type you choose, some assembly may be required. Please note that display belts are not typically included with display purchase.

Displays for Specific Belt Types

Many martial arts disciplines, including karate and tae kwon do, tend to use belts made from thick, stiff cotton, and most of the racks AWMA carries are specifically designed to securely store and display this type of belt. These displays provide minimal structural support for the belt itself, having either elastic bands to secure the belt to the display or wooden slats of an appropriate thickness to hold a folded belt. Some martial arts disciplines use thinner sashes for their belt systems. Kung fu sashes, for example, are typically made from thinner materials such as satin or nylon. Displays designed to hold this specific belt type may provide more structural support due to the sash's flexible construction.

What Rack Size Do You Need?

Most of AWMA's belt display options have enough room for either 6 or 10 sashes or belts with some exceptions for specific martial arts disciplines, such as kung fu, which use a different number of belts in their ranking systems. Ultimately, the rack you choose can reflect the progress you've already made in your training, or it can serve as motivation for the goals you plan to achieve in the future.

For example, if you've currently progressed to the fourth belt rank in your discipline and you plan to achieve fifth and sixth belt ranks in the near future, you can purchase a six-belt display rack so you can showcase the four belts you've earned and leave room for the two you plan to achieve. This can be a motivating way of reminding yourself that your journey is not yet complete. Placing the belts in the rack when you earn them can feel ceremonial and rewarding. If you've already reached the top level of mastery in your discipline and you want to make that achievement part of your home decor, you can purchase the 10-belt display rack and display it prominently with pride.

Belt Rack Embellishment Options

There are many different belt display styles to choose from, including simple displays that put the belts front and center and embellished displays that add extra visual interest through the inclusion of decorative imagery. Japanese kanji letters, decorative wooden rooftop shapes, and figurative images may be on offer for you to choose from to give your display additional style. Some of our belt displays offer custom engraving so you can have a word or phrase, such as your name or a short inspirational slogan your instructor uses, etched into the display. These embellished racks make great gifts for martial artists who have come to take their practice seriously and would appreciate the respect and encouragement shown by such a gift.


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