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Martial Arts Belts

Martial arts belts are traditionally worn as part of a martial arts uniform. They come in multiple colors, sizes, and styles to help each practitioner signify their training level and sense of belonging to the martial art they practice. 

These belts are not just worn during training and competitions, but they also become a meaningful display that martial artists can share with others. As belts are acquired, or after training is complete, practitioners may choose to display their belts as a way to showcase accomplishments.

What Are Martial Arts Belts For?

Martial arts belts serve as a visual representation of a practitioner's rank, experience, and skill level within a specific martial art discipline. They are used in various traditional martial arts systems to signify a student's progress and proficiency in their training. The color of the belt generally changes as a practitioner advances through different levels of expertise.

Whether in Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, or other martial arts, students can expect to start with a white belt, which symbolizes being a beginner in the martial arts training journey. As students gain more experience and demonstrate their understanding of martial arts, they earn yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple belts. From there, students can earn a brown belt, which signifies an advanced level of skill and deep knowledge of the martial art they practice. Finally, students become masters of their particular martial art and receive a black belt. Black belts are widely recognized as a symbol of expertise and mastery.

What Accessories Can Be Added To Martial Arts Belts?

Martial artists often add accessories to their belts to mark their achievements, goals, and association with their martial arts school.

Achievement stars on martial arts belts are typically small embroidered or stitched symbols that represent and recognize a student's progress and achievements. The specific meaning and criteria for earning achievement stars can vary based on the martial arts style and the individual school or organization.

Power stripes are also a popular choice for martial artists, not only to recognize achievements but also to motivate those around them to work hard in their training. These stripes can be attached to martial arts belts and are often stitched with words like “awesome sparring,” “excellent form,” and other motivational phrases. 

Custom Martial Arts Belt Embroidery

The best part about martial arts belts from AWMA is the custom embroidery options we offer. From embroidering a motivational phrase or your name to adding the name of your martial arts school or instructor, we can customize any of our ProForce® solid-colored or striped belts. 

What are you waiting for? Order the perfect martial arts belt, tie it to your uniform, and hit the mat with confidence!


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