Demo Team Uniform Buying Guide

Kickboxing and martial arts like judo, karate, kung fu, and taekwondo require a considerable amount of flexibility, and the last thing you want when you face your opponent is to be outfitted in an ill-fitting uniform that impedes your movements. In fact, wearing the wrong martial arts attire can even lead to injuries if you're unable to properly defend yourself. It just makes sense to arrive to practice or your competition dressed in a comfortable, attractive uniform like one of the AWMA ProForce® Demo team uniforms, which don't hinder your mobility. Knowing what to look for in a quality uniform is an important part of ensuring your safety and improving your performance.

Demand Lightweight Quality Construction

All AWMA gear used in martial arts, including uniforms, receive a lot of stress. Therefore, it's essential that you choose only items of high quality construction. Although cheaper uniforms are available, you cannot count on them to last very long—some articles of clothing may rip after only a couple of uses—nor to provide you with the comfort and mobility to perform at your best. That can result in distractions and perhaps embarrassment during training and competition. Pay close attention to the stitching of the uniforms that you consider, as stitched areas are typically the areas that are under constant strain and are the most likely to deteriorate first.

• The ProForce® Demo team uniform is an example of a lightweight V-neck style gi that is as durable as it is comfortable. It consists of a top with 3/4-length sleeves and ultra-reinforced pants. The pants have a 3-inch waistband and feature a 4-panel gusseted crotch to allow for maximum stretch and maneuverability. The uniform is made of a blended, micro fiber fabric with double stitching throughout. It's offered in two dual color combinations (black/red and blue/white) for a bold, competitive look for sizes 0 to 6.

• Another quality option is the ProForce® Point Fighting Satin tri-color uniform, which consists of a top and pants made of 55-percent cotton and 45-percent polyester. It has reinforced stitching throughout, and the roomy fit and four-panel gusseted crotch ensures durable flexibility. It is available in black, blue, and red, in sizes XX-Small to XX-Large. The whole gi weighs 8 ounces, making it a very lightweight fit.

• The Combat by ProForce® Point Fighting Deluxe top is considered a masterpiece. The top and pants, sold separately, are made of a 100-percent lightweight polyester that is quite soft and comfortable. The pants sport an elastic pull string waistband with a gusseted crotch for ultimate mobility, and the uniform comes in two colors, black and white, and in sizes 1 to 7. Plus, it's designed to enhance performance.

Get the Proper Fit

When considering different types of uniforms, you should select those that fit well and are comfortable. If they move around excessively and bind you up when you're wearing them, they're not merely uncomfortable, but potentially hazardous as well as they may compromise your ability to properly defend yourself. ProForce® Demo Team Uniforms are available in the following sizes:

Top Size - Sleeve Length - Waist - Diameter

XX-Small (0) 34-inches 23.5-inches 18.5-inches
X-Small (1) 35-inches 25-inches 19.5-inches
Small (2) 36-inches 26-inches 21-inches
Medium (4) 39-inches 27-inches 22-inches
Large (5) 40-inches 29-inches 23-inches
X-Large (6) 41-inches 29.5-inches 23.5-inches
XX-Large (7) 43-inches 31-inches 25-inches

Pants Size - Length Inseam - Waist - Diameter

XX-Small (0) 34-inches 24-inches 10 to 12-inches
X-Small (1) 35.5-inches 25-inches 10 to 14-inches
Small (2) 37-inches 25.5-inches 12 to 16-inches
Medium (3) 38-inches 27-inches 13 to 17-inches
Large (4) 39-inches 27.5-inches 14 to 19-inches
X-Large (5) 40-inches 28-inches 15 to 21-inches
XX-Large (6) 41-inches 28.5-inches 16 to 22-inches

Be advised that not all sizes, such as the XX-Small and XX-Large, are available in every style of uniform.

Importance of a Proper Uniform

A quality uniform is an investment that contributes to improved performance. The ProForce® Demo team uniforms are available in multiple colors, so they're easy to personalize. They allow for ultimate maneuverability while maintaining their structural integrity and improving your confidence, making them a good choice in competitive attire.


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