AWMA® Drop Ship Program

Back by popular demand, our drop ship program makes it easy to generate revenue for your school or dojo by selling martial arts gear to students and other customers. You can offer a selection of our martial arts products for purchase, accept your customers’ orders and payment, and buy them from us at your wholesale cost. We’ll take care of shipping the orders to your customers.

Here’s a three-step diagram explaining how drop shipping works:

Drop Ship 1-2-3

It’s as easy as that! If you have an AWMA® wholesale account, you know the terrific savings you enjoy by ordering martial arts equipment wholesale. Now you can sell these products in bulk quantities without having to worry about coordinating shipping yourself to the final customer. This is a convenient option for martial arts school directors, boxing-gym owners, instructors, and others who want to offer their students quality gear and supplies to train at home.

How to Use Drop Shipping at AWMA®

When you’re ready to take advantage of our drop shipping program, just begin by following these easy steps:

  1. Create a list of products for your students to purchase. We can help you choose our best train-at-home items to include on your order form.
  2. Use our MSRP or set your own price for each item and include the shipping fee.
  3. We will provide you with a downloadable order form. We can send you a blank order form or a customize it with your logo and pricing.
  4. Attach the downloadable order form to an email blast and send it to your students.
  5. Your students can use the form to purchase items from you. They’ll email their orders back and make their payments directly to you.

How to Place a Drop Ship Order

Once you’ve received your students’ or customers’ orders, it’s time to place the orders for drop shipping on our site:

  1. Log in to your account at www.awma.com.
  2. Place an individual order for each student or customer.
  3. When you start to check out, navigate to “Your Address Book” in the “Billing & Shipping” section.
  4. Click the dropdown menu and select “Add New Address.” Enter the order recipient’s home address here.
    1. The next time you sell to this user, their address will already be available in this dropdown menu. Just label the address with their name so you can find it easily.
  5. Make payment by credit card and click “Place Order” to complete the order.

We’ll take it from there! The order enters our system instantly and we’ll ship the products to your students.

What’s New with AWMA® Drop Shipping?

Since bringing back our drop ship program, we’ve added some exciting new benefits and perks:

  • No Drop Ship Fees: We’ve removed all drop shipping fees since you’re entering your order online.
  • Downloadable Order Forms: We now offer a downloadable order form for you to send to your students. This makes it even easier to set prices and sell products.
  • Product Bundle Packages: You can create bundle packages to offer to your customers. Just call us at 1-800-345-2962 and we’ll help you put together bundled deals at special pricing for you to sell.

Make AWMA® Your Martial Arts Drop Shippers

Supporting martial arts schools and dojos is a big part of our mission here at AWMA®. Our drop ship program allows you to offer a wide array of the best martial arts gear and boxing supplies to your students. They can take their training to the next level while you raise funds to support your school and programs. All you need to do is receive and place their orders, and we’ll ship them to their final destinations.

Have questions or want to request a custom order form? Call us at 1-800-345-2962 or email us at csrsup@awma.com.

Drop Ship Program FAQ

Have questions about AWMA®’s drop shipping program? As a quick reference, we’ve provided answers to some of the most common queries below.

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is an order fulfillment method in which the seller does not need to keep products in stock. After the items are sold, the orders are passed to a third-party supplier, who then ships them directly to the customer.

How does drop shipping work at AWMA®?

The seller selects which martial arts products they want to offer to their students or customers. AWMA® creates a custom downloadable order form with individual prices set by the seller for each item. The seller distributes the order form to their customers to make selections and provide payment to the seller. Next, the seller buys the products from the AWMA® website at their wholesale cost. We then ship the items directly to the customers at the addresses provided.

Can AWMA® help me select which products to include on my order form?
Yes! Our team is happy to assist you in deciding which items are the best to offer your students or customers.

How many items can I include on my custom order form?
You can choose as many products as you like to include on your drop shipping order form.

Are products offered to sellers at a special price for drop shipping?
Yes, sellers buy the products from us at wholesale pricing. Customers purchase the items at the seller’s set price, and AWMA® ships the order to the customer.

Does AWMA® determine the price at which I can sell each product?
No, you can set your own price for each item on your order form. You can even include a shipping charge.

Once my customers make their orders, how do I enter them on the AWMA® website?
You’ll need to log in to your account at www.awma.com by clicking the “Sign In” button near the top of the right-hand side of our homepage. You can then place an individual order for each student. Make sure to add your students’ addresses in “Your Address Book” in the “Billing & Shipping” section at checkout.

Do I need to re-enter my customers’ addresses each time I order?
No, addresses will be saved in your address book in the “Billing & Shipping” section for any subsequent orders. We recommend marking each address with the student or customer’s name to make them easy to identify in the future.

Do you charge drop ship fees?
No, we no longer charge drop shipping fees since bringing back the program.

Can I create product bundle packages to offer customers?
Yes, our team can help you put together bundles of products to sell to your customers at special prices. Just call us at 1-800-345-2962 to begin.

How can I request a custom order form for drop shipping?
Call AWMA® toll-free at 1-800-345-2962 or email us at csrsup@awma.com to request a custom order form with your chosen items and prices. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about our drop ship program.


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