Fitness Gloves Buying Guide

In any strenuous sport, you need high-quality gear to offer protection against injuries and to keep you on track to success. Before you step into the ring or get ready to lift weights in the gym, you need the right fitness gloves to protect your hands from injury and increase your strength. At AWMA, we offer fitness gloves and boxing gloves to suit your needs. Our fitness gloves are designed to prevent blisters and calluses that can result from repeatedly grabbing and gripping exercise equipment in weightlifting, CrossFit, and related activities. Many of our fitness gloves also provide wrist protection and padding for the palm of your hand. When thinking about purchasing a fitness glove, the first question you should ask yourself is, “What will I be using the gloves for?”

Boxing vs. Weightlifting Gloves

If you are new to fitness and just getting into weightlifting and perhaps group classes at your gym, you might be interested in purchasing gloves to protect your hands. If you will be boxing, you will want to purchase boxing gloves; boxing gloves are specialized for protecting your hands while throwing punches at a bag, pads, or an opponent. The ProForce® Ninja boxing gloves feature a precurved form fit for maximum comfort and the plush padding protects your sparring partner when going to battle.

If you are looking for gloves to use while lifting weights, purchase a pair of weightlifting gloves. These gloves are usually thin, with open fingers and sometimes padding. An ideal pair of weightlifting gloves will be durable and breathable with sufficient grip and cushioning.

Durability and Grip

When choosing a fitness glove, keep in mind factors like durability and grip. Grip is essential for safety while lifting heavy weight or grabbing a pull-up bar. Fitness gloves with grips usually have them where you would need them most during common lifting exercises to prevent slippage.

Fitness gloves are designed for prolonged and repeated use, so most are made of durable fabrics like nylon, leather, and neoprene. Our ProForce® Fitness Workout & Weight Lifting Gloves are made of high-quality leather and are durable enough to withstand significant wear and tear. Other glove features include a neoprene stretch and amara liner for comfort and breathability. It's also helpful to use a pair that is washable since gloves tend to soak up sweat during a workout.

Movement and Breathability

Rigid gloves are best suited for heavy weightlifting. They may take longer to break in than softer varieties. Nylon gloves offer the most flexibility but the least protection, making them best suited for light weight activities. Mesh is another fabric that offers a high degree of breathability and flexibility. Leather gloves tend to be less flexible but offer greater support. Neoprene gloves are very flexible and wick moisture away from the hands, providing a cool experience for your entire workout. You will need to find a balance between flexibility and support so it's important to check for both.

Cushioning and Support

Long and intense workouts are made more enjoyable when using fitness gloves that offer cushion and support. Gloves with adjustable wrist straps are ideal for individuals who experience weak or sore wrists and the added support helps to increase strength over time. Padded gloves feature gel cushioning and reinforced stitching to minimize the feel of heavy weights on your palms. Boxing gloves are also a form of padded gloves, cushioning the impact of blows on the hand.

Getting the Perfect Fit

Fitness gloves should fit securely onto your hands without slipping or sliding off to the side. Gloves that are too large will cause friction that can lead to blisters and calluses. To determine to correct size for boxing gloves, measure the distance across the lowest knuckles of your fingers, not including your thumb. For fitness gloves, measure the distance across the upper part of your palm with fingers splayed out. At AWMA, all of our products feature helpful and convenient size guides. Take your measurement numbers and compare them to the size chart to select the best possible fit.


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