Mouthguard Buying Guide

Participating in any contact sport exposes you to the risk of personal injury. It is always important to have proper protective gear, such as ProForce® Mouthguards from AWMA. Without a quality mouthguard, you are at increased risk for head trauma or oral injury. This high quality mouthguard is ideal for everyday use in the gym or in competitions.


Finding the Right Mouthguard


More often than not, you get to witness someone lose a tooth while doing pad work. This is an extreme example. Ordinarily, you are not supposed to get hit when you do pad work. However, accidents are inevitable and can happen even when training with partners. Besides enabling one to feel comfortable while engaging in contact sports, Mouthguards have additional benefits:


  • Teeth protection: ProForce® mouthguards prevent your teeth from being chipped, broken or even getting knocked out during your session. They also protect the soft tissues in your mouth against injury.
  • Concussion and jaw fracture protection: Most concussions result from shocks that get to the mandibles. A ProForce® mouthguard helps in dispersing the shock that may send you to the hospital even if it came from boxing gloves with lots of soft padding.
  • Confidence: Using a mouthguard during sparring helps in boosting your confidence, thus keeping you psychologically ready for the session. Because sports training like boxing and martial arts demand consistent focus to improve your skills, it is important that you be both mentally and physically ready by wearing a mouthguard.
  • Savings: These mouthguards also save you money. For example, this essential accessory helps you to avoid appointments with your dentist due to oral injuries.


Before engaging in any sports, it is imperative to pay more attention to your safety. Since mouthguards come in different forms, players should choose the one that is ideal for them. Notably, the mouthguard that you choose should allow for comfortable breathing and easy speech, all while protecting the individual from impact.


Quality Material


Mouthguards disperse shock, so it is of the utmost importance that they be made of quality material and well-constructed. Many of the cheap mouthguards that are available in the market lose their form after being subjected to several heavy punches. Once the mouthguard starts to wear down, it becomes less effective at dispersing shock, thereby increasing one's propensity to oral injuries. Both ProForce® Single and ProForce® Double mouthguards are made of a lightweight, high-quality material that provides extra cushioning aimed at protecting your teeth. Additionally, the accessories come with mouthguard cases that are available in different colors.


Single or Double Mouthguard?


Single mouthguards enable you to breathe easily. These mouthguards feel more natural and are therefore more comfortable. The mouthguards are ideal for disciplined boxers who keep their bite strong as they take or throw a punch. There are concerns that single mouthguards are not effective in ensuring that your lower jaw remains aligned during heavy impact, but they enhance the safety and comfort of your teeth.


Double mouthguards protect your dentition as they ensure that both your lower and upper jaws remain aligned. Their main weakness is that they feel bulky and you may end up feeling like there is too much weight in your mouth. However, the mouthguard will force your mouth to shut. This way, you can even smile back when punched.


You should consider purchasing and using both mouthguards in training sessions to find which one best suits your needs and preferences.


Important Tips


Mouthguards protect your teeth from damage during athletic and recreational activities. An excellent fitting mouthguard is essential for wearers who have fixed anterior bridgework. It is also beneficial to those who wear braces or individuals who would like to protect their teeth against potential trauma. Still, remember that mouthguards are not substitutes for protecting yourself and do not guarantee safety from bodily harm.


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