ProForce® 1.75" Karate Belts Buying Guide

The sport and art form of karate requires a high degree of mastery and focus. It's essential that karatekas—practitioners of karate—have quality and reliable equipment so that they focus on their skills and opponent, not what they're wearing. Karate belts not only serve the purpose of keeping your uniform together, but also represent all the hard work you've put into becoming a skilled karateka. ProForce® 1.75-inch karate belts come in all the sizes and colors that you need throughout your training.

Choosing the Right Size

ProForce® 1.75-inch karate belts come in both single wrap and double wrap styles. Single wrap belts are shorter because they only wrap around the body once, while double wrap belts will go around the waist twice and are longer in length. It's important that you choose a belt that's neither too long nor too short. If it's too long it can get caught during activity, and if it's too short it may not stay tied. Belts can be tied with either a single or double knot, and the two ends should be long enough to hang in front of the upper thighs. Note that if you use a double knot, a slightly longer belt may be desired.

Single Wrap

• 00: 48 inches, 122 centimeters
• 0: 53-1/2 inches, 136 centimeters
• 1: 58-1/2 inches, 149 centimeters
• 2: 63-1/2 inches, 161 centimeters
• 3: 68-1/2 inches, 174 centimeters

Double Wrap

• 0: 77 inches, 195 centimeters
• 1: 83 inches, 211 centimeters
• 2: 88 inches, 223 centimeters
• 3: 96 inches, 244 centimeters
• 4: 105 inches, 267 centimeters
• 5: 112 inches, 284 centimeters
• 6: 120 inches, 305 centimeters
• 7: 128 inches, 325 centimeters
• 8: 145 inches, 368 centimeters
• 9: 160 inches, 406 centimeters

Single Wrap vs. Double Wrap

Karate belts come in both single wrap and double wrap styles. While it may partly be a matter of personal preference regarding which style you choose, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Double wrap karate belts are the more traditional style, while single wrap belts have become common in recent years.

• Single Wrap: These style belts are suited for youth or more inexperienced practitioners. The single wrap belts are minimalistic with less overall length and weight compared to double wrap. They've emerged in recent years for those who don't want the added challenge of learning to tie double wrap belts or who don't want the added fabric around the waist.

• Double Wrap: The traditional style of karate belts, double wrap belts are suited for adults, intermediate, or advanced practitioners. They are also suited for youth given proper instruction on how to tie them. Double wrap belts are somewhat heavier around the waist and will likely stay in place and remain tied better than single wrap belts. This style may also be desired for tournaments or other environments where ritual and tradition are emphasized.

Quality Construction

ProForce® 1.75-inch karate belts are made with a high degree of craftsmanship to withstand vigorous activity. AWMA guarantees the right belt to suit each customer and stands behind all products. These karate belts are constructed with a blend of 65-percent polyester and 35-percent cotton for a combination of strength, breathability, durability, and less shrinkage when machine washed and hang dried. Eight or nine layers of stitching protect against fraying, folding, and buckling from wear and tear.

Choosing the Right Belt

These karate belts come in an array of colors to reflect skill level. Generally, novice practitioners begin with a white belt, while advanced masters earn a black belt. Numerous colors are offered in between as you progress in skill and experience. Belts of various colors also come in a form with a single black stripe running through the middle of the belt. These belts signal that the practitioner is in an intermediate stage between two levels or colors. For instance, a karate practitioner who has earned a yellow level may be on the way to earning an orange belt but is not quite there. A yellow belt with black stripe will most accurately show their current degree of skill and experience.

Embrace the Art

The vivid colors of ProForce® karate belts promote dedication and pride in the art form. Karate practitioners can stay focused on the sport knowing that they're working towards higher levels of achievement and will be rewarded by a new color signaling higher rank and accomplishment. The accumulated belts are treasured as evidence of the dedication each practitioner has put into the sport. This dedication is also demonstrated in the careful and seasoned craftsmanship put into the construction of each ProForce® karate belt.


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