ProForce® Thunder Sparring Gloves Buying Guide

In martial arts and boxing competitions, athletes turn their hands into tools that are used to achieve victory over their opponents. While a professional fighter must protect his or her hands to have a successful career, a beginner also needs to have this same protection. Throwing on a pair of ProForce® Thunder sparring gloves from AWMA is the first step in your practice, whether you are punching pads or having your first sparring session. Knowing how to shop for the right equipment is essential to having fun and staying healthy.

Selecting Your Size

Sparring gloves are very different from the gloves you use to keep your hands warm in winter as one size does not fit all. You cannot wear sparring gloves that are so loose that they are flopping off of your hands, nor can you wear gloves that are too small for you to even put on.

For martial arts training, the open style of glove is available from AWMA. To get your size for this type of glove, measure the distance across the lowest knuckles, which are the knuckles you punch with, to the tips of your fingers:

• Child Medium: 2-1/2 inches to 2-3/4 inches
• Child Large: 2-7/8 inches to 3-1/4 inches
• Small: 3-1/4 inches to 3-3/8 inches
• Medium: 3-3/8 inches to 3-5/8 inches
• Large: 3-5/8 inches to 3-3/4 inches
• X-Large: 3-3/4 inches to 3-7/8 inches

Measuring your hand for boxing gloves is slightly different. Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the circumference of your hand along your lowest knuckles. A measurement of 5 inches indicates a small size whereas a 10-inch circumference requires an extra-large glove.

Selecting Your Style: Martial Arts vs. Boxing

The ProForce® Thunder sparring glove selection includes products for martial arts practice and for boxing. Martial arts students, including karate and taekwondo practitioners, will find the ProForce® Thunder open-style sparring gloves ideal for their training requirements. The open design of this type of glove allows you to not only make a fist to punch but also to straighten your hand to block or grasp with ease. The gloves feature double-layered padding over the most sensitive and high-impact areas of hand, especially the knuckles. The double padding provides an inch of protective foam for this striking surface. The sparring gloves also have hook and loop closures to provide a snug fit. Because perspiration is often an issue in competitive fights, these sparring gloves are ventilated well for comfort. These open-style sparring gloves are available in seven colors: red, white, pink, purple, yellow, blue, and black.

For boxers, AWMA offers ProForce® Thunder sparring gloves that feature a high-quality leather exterior, a pre-curved form fit design for the fingers, and a flex grip palm section that is vented for comfort. The gloves are secured with an ultra cuff wrist strap with a hook and loop closure. Furthermore, the thumb-lock feature places the thumb in the proper position while punching. The gloves' foam core and cotton lining make them very comfortable. In addition to sparring and competition, these gloves are appropriate for hitting heavy bags.

Boxing-style gloves in the Thunder line include a 10-ounce glove designed for female athletes. These multipurpose gloves, which feature a pink metallic satin finish, can be used in boxing rings and martial arts competition as well as for cardio and fitness workouts.

Do I Need My Own Gear?

Many training facilities, including karate dojos and mixed martial arts and boxing gyms, have plenty of gear around to use for free. This might serve you as a beginner but, as you put in more time, you will want your own equipment. Communal gloves have hygiene issues and won't always be in your size or to your liking. Keeping a set of gloves and other equipment in your training bag assures that you will always be ready to go.


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