ProForce® Thunder Sparring Head Gear Buying Guide

For those participating in martial arts, personal injury is an important concern, and it is advisable that you own all of the necessary protective gear. Most importantly, you need to have protective headgear such as ProForce® Thunder headguards. AWMA makes it possible for you to choose the right headgear for your specific needs.

Getting the Best Fit

Comfortable-fitting headgear provides more protection than those that move around when worn, which may cause additional injuries from the loose strap. Most people use their weight and age to determine the size that best fits their head. However, this method may be inaccurate as head sizes can vary regardless of age. ProForce® Thunder headgear comes in different sizes according to the measurement of your head circumference. To find the best size with accuracy, use a tailor's tape to measure around your head, approximately an inch above your eyebrows. The available sizes are:

• Small: 16 inches to 18 inches
• Medium: 18.5 inches to 19.5 inches
• Large: 20 inches to 21.5 inches
• X-Large: 22 inches to 23 inches
• XX-Large: 23.5 inches to 24 inches

Weight and Visibility

Before you begin shopping for headgear, determine the type that is appropriate for you. All head guards are made with the objective of protecting at least 75 percent of your head. Different types of headgear have different structures because each type is designed for specific contexts and purposes.

The ProForce® Thunder Double Layered Headguard is open-face designed. It protects the forehead, back, top, and sides of your head. If you need headgear that provides full-face protection, then opt for the ProForce® Thunder Full Headguard with Shield. You may also choose the ProForce® Thunder Head Guard with Face Shield.

When making a purchasing decision, consider the visibility and weight provided by the headgear:

• Weight: The difference between quality headgear and ordinary ones lie in the protection that they provide and their weight. The headgear that provides more protection is usually heavier. ProForce® Thunder Double Layered Headguards are made of lightweight vinyl-covered foam that absorbs shock effectively while providing flexibility in movement and articulation around your neck.

• Visibility: Being an additional protection to your head, headgear should not hamper your vision. The general assumption is that headgear with less padding provides better visibility and vice versa. ProForce® Thunder Double Layered headgear has cutouts around the eyes to boost your peripheral vision, thus improving your chances of reacting to your opponent's strikes. Moreover, the accessories have ear protection, which does not interfere with your hearing, allowing you to keep your head in the match better.

Owning Your Own Headgear

You may be trying to decide whether to buy your own headguard or use the one that is provided at the gym. It is prudent that you get your own as you can obtain one that fits you properly. This headgear is made of vinyl and it contours to your head shape the more you use it. A borrowed headgear may not fit your head properly. Additionally, the amount of sweat, saliva, and blood associated with contact sports is high. It is advisable to purchase your own headgear to maintain proper hygiene.


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