Shipping Bo Staffs

Why does it cost so much to ship a Bo Staff?

UPS charges the standard shipping charge, which can vary depending on your location but adds additional charges.

BO STAFFS that measure 48" 
and over are considered an oversize item. UPS charges an additional $17.50 for the oversize box the Bo Staff is shipped in. This fee is for one box. ***Please note, one box can hold up to 10 Bo Staffs depending on the Bo Staff*** if you order one Bo Staff or eight of them; you will ONLY pay the additional $17.50 once for the one box for the oversize charge.

What type of location is it getting delivered too? Is it a residential or business address?

If it is getting delivered to a residential address, UPS adds an additional $5.20 per box to the standard shipping cost.

Is your location in a rural area?

UPS also adds on an additional $12.00 shipping charge if they have to deliver a package to a rural area. You can contact your local UPS to find out if they consider your location rural or not.

What exactly did I get charged for my 48" Bo Staff order that was sent to my home in a rural area?

UPS charged the standard freight cost, plus added $17.50 for the oversize box and then $5.20 because it was going to a residential address and finally added another $12.00 charge because it was a rural area. Rural area charges vary depending on the UPS location.

How can I save cost on shipping when I order Bo Staffs?

To save money on shipping when you order Bo Staffs here are some suggestions:

  • First, see if you may need more than one Bo Staff. If you order more than one but not over ten (for example a quantity of eight) it will break down to about $1.75 extra for each Bo Staff in that one box opposed to $17.50 if you only order one. Remember this is the oversize charge NOT the freight charge for the shipment.
  • Second, can your order be sent to a business address? If so, you will not be charged the additional $5.20 for a residential address delivery.
  • Last, contact your local UPS to find out if your address is considered a "rural" address. If your address is considered a rural location, there will be an additional charge of $12.00.
  • UPS Standard Freight Charge
  • + $17.50 per box
  • + $5.20 residential address
  • + $12.00 Rural location


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