Training Bag Accessories Buying Guide

Training bags are essential equipment items for martial arts and combat sports involving striking, such as mixed martial arts (MMA), Muay Thai, boxing, and taekwondo. A good bag lets you practice jabs, hooks, kicks, and other strikes to refine your technique and boost your endurance. The right training bag accessories will help you improve your precision and create a more useful training space.


Training Bag Mounts and Hanging Accessories


Although some training bags are free standing, many hang from the ceiling. Most training bags are heavy and take quite a bit of impact, so they require a great deal of support. Even lighter speed bags sustain a lot of strain through movement and impact. The right mount can help keep your bag suspended without causing damage to your beams or ceiling. AWMA produces many types of mounts and hanging accessories for you to consider in relation to the features and needs of your space.


  • Swivel mount: You can attach swivel mounts to ceiling joists or exposed beams. They include swivel joints, which let bags move during impact and absorb some of the shock. To install this type of mount, find out where the joists in your ceiling are located and attach the base with screws.


  • Beam mount: A beam mount attaches to an exposed ceiling beam. Beams are load bearing and can carry a lot of weight, so they make great places to hang bags. Some of these mounts clamp onto beams, whereas others screw into your beams.


  • Wall hanger: This type of mount attaches to the wall instead of the ceiling. You should attach it to a wall stud to ensure that the wall can support the weight of the bag. This type of mount is ideal for ceilings that have joists or beams in inconvenient places.


  • Coils: This accessory hooks onto both the bag and the mount. It helps absorb shocks during impact, which causes less stress on your ceiling or walls.


Training Bag Targets


As you practice different types of punches and kicks, placement is just as important as technique. It is important that your techniques hit the right spots so you can be more effective in sparring. AWMA training bag targets help you practice your aim and precision and are easy to attach to heavy bags.


  • Target pads: These basic targets attach to bags with elastic bands, which wrap around the body of a bag. This holds them snugly against the bag and keeps them from falling off upon impact. They offer precise targets to practice various types of strikes. Some targets, such as The Squeaky Thing, make noise upon impact, which is an ideal feature for children.


  • Arm training targets: Training targets with arms let you simulate strikes and other moves involving your opponent's arms and legs. The arms are usually flexible and stick out from the target. Like basic target pads, these usually attach to bags with elastic bands.


  • Clapper targets: This type of target extends out of your bag, providing your bag with a three-dimensional element. These targets are great for practicing kicks, but you can also use them to practice punches.


  • Hanging targets: Like clapper targets, hanging targets provide extensions to your bag. However, these targets hang like flags, offering significantly less resistance. These work well for practicing new punches and kicks as you can strike without worrying about the weight of the bag. They are also great for group practice, as they extend outward from the bag and you can hang several of them on a bag at once.


Investing in Your Training Bag Accessories


As is the case with training bags themselves, investing in quality accessories pays off in the long run. Choosing a good mount and installing it correctly saves you a lot of time and trouble as you will not have to replace it as often or go through the hassle of repairing your ceiling. Good targets make training a breeze as they are easy to see and some use sounds to help improve your aim. These sustain considerable amounts of impact, so investing in good targets helps ensure that your accessories withstand the test of time. AWMA offers a variety of high-quality mounts, targets, and other accessories to pair with your training bags.


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