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Nunchaku & Nunchucks

Quality is important when purchasing nunchakus. There are many retailers who offer nunchucks for sale, but not all are constructed with high quality materials that stand up to the wear and tear of training, demonstration, or competitive use.

We offer nunchakus for sale that are made from natural hardwood, durable foam-covered PVC, all foam, or hollow plastic suitable for any level of martial arts training, tournaments, or demonstrational use. Our competitive versions use top-quality ball bearing swivel systems to ensure higher revolutions per minute.

For nunchakus collectors, we offer 73 different styles, in an assortment of constructions and colors, including the G-Force Illuminator, which shimmers in response to light or movement. For those on the tournament circuit, check out our made-in-the-USA G-Force Swirl Chain Chuck, available in a wide array of colors, and sold in sets of two pairs.

For those who are interested in full-contact sports, we offer the ActionFlex Nunchaku, which provides the sensation of authentic martial arts weaponry.  Or, for younger martial artists, the Children’s Black Practice Foam Nunchakus are available in 9-inch or 11-inch handles, with a smaller 3/4-inch diameter, perfect for little hands. Whether you are performing demonstrations, competing in a tournament, or you are a novice-in-training, AWMA has the right set of nunchucks for you.

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